The Company

    Vfolio was established in 2006 by a group of media industry professionals with strong commercial and technical backgrounds. The company is privately held by two main shareholders and its headquarters is in Croydon, UK.


    A digital publishing house company founded by Allen Strong, whose academic studies, career and experience centered on digital media, advertising, marketing, journalism, publicity, fitness, training, and promoting healthy living.

    Our Clients

    Most clients are located in Denmark, Norway, Sweden as well as in Germany, Switzerland, Greece, UK, Ireland, Iceland, Russia. Vfolio solutions are used by over 60% of all Danish daily newspapers.

    Our Mission

    Reducing costs and generating new revenue streams for print publishers is our mission. It is Vfolio's goal to become the preferred e-publishing solution for the newspaper, magazine and book industry, with a market strategy based on direct representation in focus markets together with software partnerships. Combined we supply new e-revenues to the publishing industry.

    The Vfolio concept is to play a centralised role in content distribution to Independent Devices, We will collect and process data from publishers and redistribute it to the chosen devices, and this will ensure advertisement houses a new Non-Traditional Revenue stream. This includes special development and use of existing software modules to ensure fast distribution and secure payment.

    We're Global

    With more than 680 European publishing houses running the Vfolio software for their digital newspaper and magazine distribution; a number of customised solutions have been delivered to meet publisher specific requirements. We have an international channel of clients that produce and distribute publications in digital as well as print. Our reach extends to the UK, USA, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Norway, Denmark, UAE and Lebanon.

    Vfolio partners are located in many different countries such as Mexico, Germany, Greece, Poland, UK, Denmark and the USA.

Giving Life to the planet, by giving life to your pages

The publishing industry is under pressure to tackle green issues more than most. Publishing with Vfolio will ensure that all your publications are as carbon neutral as possible,

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