Advanced Funcations

  • Search engines love Vfolio

    Search engines love Vfolio

    By uploading your title using Vfolio the environment your text will be exported from your publication as XML/RSS feeds and will be indexed to become searchable on the web through the Google and other major search engines. You can now attract new readers who are using keywords referenced within your publication. They are then presented with a relevant search result associated with the content.
  • DRM Secure Access

    DRM Secure Access

    Thanks to Vfolio DRM technology and secure access you can publish your magazine online and only your subscribers will be able to see it, based upon user name and password, or even specific IP address if so desired. You can also prevent any chance of your publication being pirated by disabling the PDF Download and Print functions.
  • Your Own Hosting

    Your Own Hosting

    Our software can be installed on servers with the following specs: EBCBR01 Hardware; Product: Fujitsu-Siemens RX300-S2; Processor-1 Intel Xeon 3.4 Mhz; CoProcessor; Socket 1; System memory; C-disc (system partition) 19,5 Gb; D-disc (partition) 48 Gb; E-disc DVD-drive; A-disk Yes; Ethernet NIC; operating system Linux; php version 4.2+; mysql 3.2.+. SSH access.
  • Online or Offline

    Internet or CD-ROM Online or Offline

    Vfolio works on the Internet as well as offline. Offline versions can be sent directly to the client as marketing collateral or used for face-to-face presentations as a refreshing alternative to PowerPoint presentations.
  • Multilingual


    Vfolio is available in different languages. Please contact us with your particular language needs.

Giving Life to the planet, by giving life to your pages

The publishing industry is under pressure to tackle green issues more than most. Publishing with Vfolio will ensure that all your publications are as carbon neutral as possible,

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