Why E-commerce?

    The art and science of creating and maintaining a brand is called brand management. Your brand is one of the most important components in an advertising strategy today. It allows you to demonstrate what your company is able to offer to the marketplace in a visual format.

    What our platform offers:

    1. Key Features and Benefits
    • Complete design and layout flexibility to create your own unique, customised store
    • Sophisticated marketing, merchandising and customer management functionality, including advanced discounting features and customer specific pricing to build loyalty and assist in growing your online business
    • Integration with accounting and back-office systems to enhance productivity
    • Independence to integrate with all the leading online payment gateways and commercial hosting providers
    2. Flexible Product Catalogue
    • Support for up to 20,000 products with product images
    • Create unlimited number of product sections and subsections
    • Multiple page layout options
    • Create links to external files or URLS
    • Show product choices as radio buttons, drop downs or button grids
    • Add additional text or images in a pop-up window
    3. Customisable Store Design and Layout
    • Full site customisation using an intuitive 'point and click' interface
    • Multiple preview modes providing easy navigation and instant access to any part of your store
    • Create additional content and information pages
    • Easy to use 'point and click' HTML code editor for text formatting
    • Direct credit card payment processing for 'phone, fax and mail orders
    4. Comprehensive Store Management Functionality
    • One-click order processing to allow fast processing of orders
    • Product prices can be both entered and displayed exclusive or inclusive of tax
    • Create and view sales reports such as fastest selling items and best customers
    • Generate customer emails with support for unlimited custom email templates
    • Prompted backup and restore feature
    • Direct credit card payment processing for 'phone, fax and mail orders
    5. Powerful Marketing Features
    • Generates search-engine-friendly web sites
    • Create Related Product lists to encourage additional purchases
    • Create Also-Bought lists to show products other shoppers have purchased*
    • Create customer accounts to increase shopper loyalty
    • Google Analytics integration providing comprehensive monitoring of site performance and ROI (requires free Google Account)
    6. Customer Friendly Stores
    • Online shopping cart with industrial strength security
    • Fully integrated with all the leading online Payment Service Providers
    • Support for secure offline payment processing
    • Automatic email confirmation of order
    • 'Remember me' option for returning visitors
    • Cart content summary visible on every page
    • Automated site navigation features including ul bar, section list, site map and 'breadcrumb trail'
    • High speed index-based online searching

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