• Teesside University

    Teesside University has an extensive and interactive website with a number of key audiences including prospective students, the business and research communities.

    The University has an in-house design team who produce brochures and leaflets to market the services and courses Teesside offers. Vfolio Digital Publishing Systems allows the University to reproduce these quality documents in their original visual print format so the full spread can be appreciated, which is not possible in a pdf. It gives Teesside University a more visual presence for its online publications using a quick and easy conversion tool for uploading pdf documents.

    As visitor traffic is an important measuring tool of the effectiveness of marketing campaigns it is important to be able to track visitors and the Vfolio Digital Publishing Systems allows the University to access visit statistics for each publication.

    It also loses none of the functionality of a pdf - allowing the ability to print specific pages of a document or to download the whole document as a pdf still.

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The publishing industry is under pressure to tackle green issues more than most. Publishing with Vfolio will ensure that all your publications are as carbon neutral as possible,

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