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Integrated Ad Management
Time based ad-serving system was designed with newspapers in mind...

Whatever Tomorrow Brings
With our Any Device - Any time concept and Visiointegrate Vfolio...

Google Analytics Integration
The advanced, free and easy to use Google Analytics...

Transform your content

Vfolio Systems 2011 Dynamic Application Construction System "ACS" and Vfoliolite.

Biggest Ever Breakthrough

Vfolio Systems has developed a unique content delivery application, which allows interactive content to be published across mobile apps and digital publications. Publishers can control App branding, content and publication design, and can also launch advertising, subscriptions and data tools.


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Vfoliolite was developed and designed to overcome some of the issues within the digital publishing industry such as multiple mobile devices running incompatible operating systems. Our team wanted to create a single system that can instantly publish content to any mobile device at anytime and we have succeeded our aim. click here for a Vfoliolite experience.

Vfolio systems top priority development promises in 2011 and 2012

Low-cost mobile and tablet applications, driven by our ACS.5 edition.

So it’s official, a perfect solution for publishers looking for a simple cost effective entry level magazine or newspaper application made available immediately.

Generate new revenue with a bespoke or white labelled application developed and designed for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone 7.

Let us deliver innovative solutions for your business that will help you achieve your revenue goals.