• The CEO Opinion - Large Danish newspaper
    Per. B. Jørgensen, adm. Dir.,
    Århus Stiftstidende

    There is a crystal clear opportunity to reach a new audience that in the past has been out of reach. The printed edition of a newspaper does not possess the same appeal as it used to, contrary to the e-paper version which is a great tool to reach the new young audience and those who need a higher amount of availability that is not offered by the printed version.

    You do not need to be home in order to receive an e-paper, and if you prefer you can read it at work or on vacation, as it is always available.

    In this way the e-paper creates a reading experience with no geographic boundaries - both for readers purchasing a single copy and recurring subscribers, who receive a login when they buy a subscription for the print edition.

    Ekstra Bladet - a long term partner

    The proprietary technology used by e-pages, is amazing. It is simple and uncomplicated - kept 'low-tech' for the reader to ensure a user friendly experience. Page flipping is done swiftly and the zoom functionality is easy to comprehend.

    For a product like ours (Ekstra Bladet), which is visually based, the solution is perfect, mainly because it is user intuitive and easy for us to produce the daily edition of the e-paper. Ultimately, we have an incredible stable solution ensuring that our e-paper is ready for viewing every day throughout the year. And that is Alpha-Omega for us and our readers

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