Technical Specifications

  • No Special Plug-ins required

    No Special Plug-ins required

    Vfolio uses the Flash Reader. Currently, 98% of computers have Flash Reader installed; for the remaining 2% Vfolio automatically gives the option to install the Flash Reader.
  • Quality Adjustment

    Quality Adjustment

    The quality of images is optimised according to the reader's Internet connection and the type of image.
  • Optimized Loading

    Optimized Loading

    Vfolio loads each page separately and continually as a bundle, which means that a page is replaceable without any inconvenience, Simply, Efficiently and Instantly.
  • Standard Server

    Standard Server

    Vfolio hosts publications internationally for best performance and web presence. If required you may also run them from your own server with a little help from us.

Giving Life to the planet, by giving life to your pages

The publishing industry is under pressure to tackle green issues more than most. Publishing with Vfolio will ensure that all your publications are as carbon neutral as possible,

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