User Benefits

  • Interactive Page Turning

    Interactive Page Turning

    Flicking through a publication by simply turning the pages is the most natural way to read.
  • Tell a Friend

    Tell a Friend

    With the "Tell a Friend" function you can circulate your Vfolio all over the Internet in no time through word-of-mouth.
  • Zoom


    The world's most intuitive and flexible zoom function. With a simple click you can zoom in on any part of the page, as well as moving around the page by simply moving the mouse.
  • Print PDF

    Print PDF

    Each Vfolio can be downloaded as a PDF (this function can also be disabled as a matter of preference).
  • Vector Graphic Text

    Vector Graphic Text

    Vfolio puts an end to pixilated text on the web. Whatever the level of zoom, text always appears perfectly defined for an unrivalled reading experience.
  • Snapshot


    Does something on the page interest you? You can crop a snapshot and e-mail it to a friend or save it to your hard drive.
  • Print


    You can print all or some of your Vfolio at any time, either as single or multiple pages.
  • Text Search

    Highlighted Text Search

    Searching a document has never been this easy. All search results are highlighted on the page and throughout the entire title and the archived titles if you wish to, which means you can find what you want in the blink of an eye.
  • Archive


    If you have a large archive of content you would like to digitally preserve and make easily accessible, be it from historical interest or indeed for generating new revenue from you old content, Vfolio can reference your archive through easily searchable search parameters that are customisable to your requirement.
  • Shopping Basket

    Shopping Basket

    Readers can add items linked within the catalogue to a shopping basket which can be printed off or sent to an email address of your choice.
  • Sections


    If you have a large publication that is endorsed by supplements, they could be inserted through sections giving you a true feel of the hard cop title. these can be linked directly with section parameters defined by you. This can also include Supplements (such as newspaper companion magazines or a sponsored advertisement).
  • Calendar


    Readers may go to a back issue and search the calendar for publications issued according to the specific date at the touch of a button, via the optional calendar icon on the viewer bar.

Giving Life to the planet, by giving life to your pages

The publishing industry is under pressure to tackle green issues more than most. Publishing with Vfolio will ensure that all your publications are as carbon neutral as possible,

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