• Increase Circulation ✔
  • Reduce Costs ✔
  • New revenue streams ✔
  • Increase Profit ✔
  • Justify advertiser's expenditure ✔
  • Retain the look of your brand title ✔
  • Gain new insight into readership trends ✔
  • Preserve historical archives ✔
  • Ecologically friendly way to publish ✔
Vfoliolite™ is the first desktop publishing application in the world which is developed in Microsoft Silverlight.

Vfoliolite™ works across all Mobile devices and desktops, it is a smooth cross browser compatible application and because Vfoliolite™ is from the .NET framework family that means Vfoliolite™ can easily be your out of browser companion giving you access to your favorite brands, publications and books right there when you feel for them right on your desktop.

simply right click & Vfoliolite™ will bring your favorite titles right on your desktop.

No need to search Google! No need to search inbox pile!
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